I was that person who got caught...

I was a leader, mentor, teacher, and part of any committee that promised change.

I would take two steps forward and five back. The more I tried, the more I became frustrated. The funny thing is I so badly wanted to not be a part of the system that

I got caught in the vicious cycle and I ended up caught in the system.

I was fighting, fearing, and exhausted.


While this made for a tough life lesson, it has been a blessing. It made me step back and admit something very difficult: I had given away my power. I had never dreamed that my hard work of trying to change a system was my own inner fear of being caught in the web of this system of life work. 

What I learned:

 It is very difficult to change a system. However, changing our view and perspective works far better than fighting a system. 

This does not mean we are letting life walk all over us. It is the opposite.

We are working to find things that inspire us, to go with the flow of life. 

For me now, the systems of life are not a battle; they are a way to think beyond our wildest dreams. 

More about Rhonda Brinkman:

Rhonda is a life coach and the owner of Creative Healing Boutique in Bismarck, ND. She works closely with people who want to break free from the systems of life. As a former public and private school educator, she became engulfed in a soul-crushing system and nearly lost herself. 

She now uses her passion and experience to coach people to take back their power and move from patterns and beliefs of life. She loves to help clients with big picture thinking and to find a better way in whatever system they are caught in and to assist in designing the life they deserve. 

Her clients include successful business owners, educators, and people that just want to live outside the box. 

Client experiences:

As an administrator, working with Rhonda has helped empower my teachers. By receiving coaching from her, my own thinking has shifted. Rhonda shows me how to support teachers as they grapple with new thoughts and behaviors. The support she gives allows me to coach teachers in a way that gives them permission and encourages confidence. Without her, I could not continue to challenge teachers in the way that shifts their thinking and empowers them to create change in our educational system.             -Meagan S.

I help people look at the system of life differently. I have a passion for viewing situations from all angles and guiding people to solutions. I assist people in making small yet powerful changes in their lives.  


I have been in the place where the system caught me off guard

and had me feeling very vulnerable. I was once confident, focused, and willing to do whatever it took to get the job done.

I was eventually left depleted, sad, and really pissed off at the world. It took every ounce of my being to ask for help. 


When I did, my life changed. Taking that step in hiring my first life coach was scary but it changed my life forever. Coaching helped me find my inner power and the focus to do what I truly love.

I love to coach. I really love to coach those who want off the hamster wheel of life. I love to assist people in finding their passion. People who are ready for bigger things and better ideas. People who are ready to explore. People who are ready to reclaim their power. 

Why not discuss how we play at the 

BSC staff day. Such a fun and willing audience!

Host's experiences:

Rhonda did a great job as keynote speaker starting out the 2018 North Dakota Counseling Mid-Winter Conference. She reminded people to look within to set goals and inspire wellness. Rhonda provided tools for self-reflection and allowed enough time for people to actually write some thoughts down. Many of the attendees agreed the session was beneficial to them. Thanks, Rhonda, for taking a step out of your comfort zone to kick off our event.    NDCA President-Elect

What a privilege to present for the Mor-Gran-Sou staff. They were so open minded about finding more passion in their lives. 

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